Newtons Ladder create breathtaking aerial performance, from the large scale spectacle to intimate performances.  Described as 'exhilarating, powerful and emotionally charged'. We bring the WOW factor to your audiences whilst also providing theatricality to all our shows treating your audience to a truly engaging and memorable experience.


We are a one stop shop in that we provide aerial performance and rigging, Newtons Ladder has one of the leading riggers in aerial performance in the country. We can rig your shows to the highest safety standards, provide risk assessments and insurance taking the headache away from you. 

Newtons Ladder received support from Without Walls,a consortium of festivals and organisations dedicated to raising the profile of the UK outdoor arts sector, for our production SIRIN, directed by Liv Lorent MBE.

Please contact us for booking inquiries for both performance and rigging.

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