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About Us
About us

From 2010 to 2020 It has been quite a journey


I wanted more height in my studio but the ceilings weren't riggable and I didn't know anything about how to build a truss system until Colm came down and worked his magic. Since then we've built three studios together and taken my business to new heights literally and figuratively.

Liv Lorent MBE

Newton's Ladder have been one of my favourite companies to collaborate with. They are the full package, work with exceptional expertise, and are also incredibly experienced practising artist performers. They punch well above their weight as a small, enterprising

independent company. 

Maria Stutt

Rosa Postlethwaite 

Colm & Mona could cover everything  - rehearse the movement with me, do the rigging, provide a counter weight - being on set throughout. Their expertise and passion for aerial made it a hugely enjoyable process. 

I would absolutely recommend Newton’s Ladder. They are really committed to realising artists visions and exploring aerial in different ways.