SIRIN (Hope is the thing with feathers) 

A wandering man woos a nesting Sirin and during an aerial courtship their relationship of prey and predator changes. Drawn from the ancient myths of man falling in love with half human/half bird creature, this love story is inspired by the innate human ambition to capture, possess and tame the extraordinary.

SIRIN is available for touring summer 2021

The story

Sirin is a story about Love, Sacrifice, compromise, risk and hope. Drawn from Russian Folklore where the Sirin, a demi-god, half woman half avian, would sing to please the gods. Mortal men would happen upon her and upon seeing her beauty or hearing her voice would instantly fall hopelessly and quite terminally in love.

While the Greek Myth of the Siren would deliberately lure sailors to their deaths, the Russian SIRIN was more accidental, only there to please the gods. Mortal men would happen upon her and become tragically trapped within her allure.

Just like falling in love really. The random chance and complete lottery of human companionship, love and romance.

SIRIN is supported by Without Walls and co-comissioned by SIRF (Stockton International Riverside Festival), Just So Festival, SIAF (Sailsbury International Arts Festival)


Director – Liv Lorent (MBE)

Composer – Scott Twynholm

Costume – Naomi Daley

Set build - Labyrinth